Friday, October 17, 2008


These gorgeous earrings have FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING making them an even greater bargain!

Come into my store and pick up a few pairs for stocking stuffers and help send Zoe on her school trip!

60CTW Faceted AAA++ Tiger Eye, SS 1950s German 'Skank' Beads, Handworked SS AA+ Asain Sea Pearls, Lampwork Glass, SS

1950s Porcelain, Liputt Shell, SS, Bali SIlver Carnelian, 1950s Austrian Glass, SS Carnelian, Aventurine, SS

Chalcedony, BIWA Pearls, 1950s Ger. Glass, SS Red Coral, Ovaline Jade, SS Three types of Amethyst

Vesuvianite Garnets, Rose Quartz, 14K, 1950s Porcelain, AA+ BIWA Pearls, Colorado Rhosocrosite 3

Dalmation Jasper, Hemitite, SS Ocean Jasper, Bali Silver, SS 3 Ocean Jasper, Bali Silver, SS 2

14 TCW Genuine Rose Quartz AA+ BIWA Pearls, Colorado Rhosocrosite 1

Wait for an invoice as eBay may not give the FREE SHIPPING automatically.

Remember that unless you live in GREECE all items are shipped First Class INTERNATIONAL

{Before you hit that buy button add this [ ?refid=seller] at the end of your browser address line (my address) and hit refresh . It gives me a discount on FVF which I can then pass on to YOU, my customers, in terms of lower prices

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