Saturday, September 6, 2008

Own a piece of the 'I love Lucy Show'

Rare Opportunity

If you loved or love the I Love Lucy Show then this set is for you. The company from which I got these 1950s era Austrian beads claims that they were puchased by their designers for the exclusive use of the show and that now that the show and Lucy have gone they are able to sell what remained. I bought three dozen beads. Here are a few for you. (I'm keeping the rest for myself.)

Carnelian, 1950s Austrian Glass, SS

Gemstones: Red-Orange Carnelian Faceted Teardrops

Beads: 1950s Hand painted Austrian Glass (from the Lucy Show), clear

Miyuki beads

Metals/Other: Sterling Silver wire and findings,

Length: Necklace 46.0cm /18 in Earrings 7.1cm/2.8in

Weight: 49.0g 7.6g

Retail Value: € 182.60 (x-rate 27/6/08 : $1.58) $288.51

BIN or Best Offer

{{ Only one more pair of earrings will be made available to the public in the month ahead. Then these beads will be gone and you'll have lost your chance to own a piece of LUCY!}}

Remember that unless you live in GREECE all items are shipped First Class INTERNATIONAL

FREE SHIPPING is for buyers LIVING IN GREECE (that is what domestic means for me) NOT those living elsewhere

{Before you hit that buy button add this [ ?refid=seller] at the end of your browser address line (my address) and hit refresh . It gives me a discount on FVF which I can then pass on to my customers in the form of lower prices}

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